Anyone with a desk job can probably relate to the feeling that a workday often is an eight-hour struggle to avoid the ‘computer hunch’. Positioning your chair, the height of the tables, foot stools, keyboards flat or up, slippers on or off: in the end it is all idle because you’ll find yourself in a position that most resembles an attempt to enter the wondrous world of your work via your computer screen.

After yet another day of excel files and emails to make the world knowledgeable of our fab woollen slippers, I was trying to release myself from a rather unfortunate computer-position and decided something needed to be done. Being based in Siem Reap, Cambodia where people come to either “visit-temples-and-get-drunk” or “visit-temples-and-do-a-cleanse”, the choice was obvious: yoga!

As I generally tend to drag others along in my plans, I quickly found willing victims in Eva and Marie. And so, the next, day we met at KOW’s office all set for our introduction to yoga. The whole exercise of putting on ‘active wear’ by the way is actually enough to make you feel super flexible and balanced and I could have just stopped there. Which is another reason why I need to drag others along with me, otherwise I seriously don’t think I’d make it to most of my work-out sessions.

Our first session was called yoga stretch. Which sounded like the perfect easy-going type of yoga for beginners: slow and deep stretching. Wow, that is just exactly what you need if you’re suffering from a computer-hunch I thought! And it was, but blimey, it was right up there with a Muay Thai sparring session in terms of intensity! We’re all pretty fit but try sitting on your knees with your arms stretched in front and your chest touching the floor FOR 5 MINUTES!! But after an hour we went back to the slipper-making business feeling really relaxed and flexible.

The second session we attended was Hatha basics. Practicing series of poses in a calm fashion. Quite agreeable we thought. Eva and I at least, Marie had already bailed on us after the first session. And during the third session we really got into it, with faster series of poses mixed with proper stretching. I think I can now put on my slippers with straightened legs while bending gracefully down and casually touch the floor. Ha!

So to answer the question it all started with: did yoga help me beat the computer-hunch? Not really. But at least I’m now complementing my daily climb into my computer screen with some healthy stretching. And I’ve been hearing great things about replacing your chair for a space hopper…. I feel another challenge coming up!